W95nife Tungsten Heavy Alloy Balancing Weight

Name: Tungsten alloy balance weight
Material: W 90%-97%
Standard: AMS-T-21014 and ASTM B777
Size: custom-made
Payment: Usually T/T and L/C, D/A can be accepted.
Package: Export cases (Wooden cases or Iron Drums)

Product Details
Banking on the skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are involved in offering supreme quality array of Tungsten Nickel Iron, Tungsten Alloys, Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bards. We make full use of the integration of external resources and internal resources, and have made breakthroughs in a number of technological innovations. The many thoughts and suggestions is going to be drastically appreciated!

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Equipped with productive tungsten alloy balance weight factory, Xi'an Kefeng Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd is a professional China tungsten alloy balance weight manufacturer.

We offer tungsten alloy crankshaft weight, tungsten alloy counterweight parts with high quality .


High-quality tungsten alloy weight components, tungsten heavy metals are produced from clean metals, which are pollution-free and meet international environmental standards. It has a large specific gravity (>18g/cc) , small in size, so it is resistant to strong winds, light in water, fast in sinking, harder than steel, high in density, and tungsten is 30% ahead of similar products, creating twice the weight of lead and capable of long time keeps the shape unchanged, it is the best substitute for plumbs, and  popular in  Europe and America.

Application: balance hammers and flyweights for machinery; weighting rods used in drilling industry such as oil; watch pendulums; vibrators used in mobile phones and game consoles such as shock-proof arbor, balance weight balls; Ballast weights and counterweights for sailboats, etc.; gyroscopes used in aerospace, aircraft counterweights, etc., because high-density tungsten alloys are very suitable for crankshaft balance, size and space are limited, our tungsten alloy counterweights Mainly installed on a variety of aircraft, as the balance weight of the wing fuselage.

Our advantage: We have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture and processing of tungsten alloys. In the long-term cooperation with our customers, we continue to improve the processing technology, processing level and efficiency, we can provide various shapes of tungsten alloy crankshaft weight to meet your various needs.

We are looking forward to work with you !

If you have any problems ,please feel free to contact us now .

In our years of brand development history, we have insisted on building the excellent performance of W95nife Tungsten Heavy Alloy Balancing Weight with leading technological strength. To establish a deep impression of 'being honest and abiding by promises' in the eyes of customers is our unremitting pursuit. Pay attention to the communication with customers and continuous innovation is the consensus of all our staff. Our range of merchandise and services is continuously expanding to meet customers' requirements.
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