Tungsten Heavy Alloy Vial Radiation Shield with Magnetic Cap

Name: Tungsten Alloy Radiation Protection
Material: 90%-97%W, balance NiFe or NiCu.
We are capable of supplying an as sintered rough blank or a finished-machined part ready for service.

Product Details
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Equipped with productive tungsten alloy radiation protection factory, Xi'an Kefeng Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd is a professional China tungsten alloy radiation protection manufacturer.

Our in house control of the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to the finished part allows continuous quality control and reduces cost and lead time,We are capable of supplying an as sintered rough blank or a finished-machined part ready for service.

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AMS-T-21014 Tungsten alloy radiation protection.                       

Material: the percentage of tungsten in high density tungsten based metals ranges from 90% to 97%,balance NiFe or NiCu.

Application: radiation protection has a close relationship with material density. The higher the density, the better the shielding performance. Tungsten alloy has a large density, so its shielding performance is very high, and tungsten alloy has not been found to be harmful to humans or the environment in long-term use. It has been proved that tungsten alloy is the best material for shielding, whether it is Medical or industrial equipment
Tungsten radiation shielding parts have important application status in medical, nuclear power, military, petroleum and other industries. For example, radioactive source containers, tungsten alloy gamma radiation shielding, tungsten alloy shielding blocks, oil brick wells and industrial instrumentation equipment, tungsten alloy X-ray sights, tungsten alloy PET shielding, cancer treatment equipment shielding large container inspection Equipment, online detection of gamma, defense nuclear submarine accessories, nuclear shielding block.

production process:


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