Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod for CNC Toolings, Anti-Seismic Mill Holder

Name: Tungsten Rods
Material: W≥99.95%
Density: 19.3g/cc
Package: Export cases (Wooden cases or Iron Drum)
Payment: Usually T/T and L/C, D/A can be accepted.
Advantage: Excellent service and short delivery

Product Details
In the current increasingly fierce market competition, our company will continue to strive for perfection, continue to deepen the strength of corporate scientific management, improve the quality of tungsten rod manufactuer, Molybdenum machined parts according to drawing, Copper Tungsten Part, and provide customers with perfect and enthusiastic after-sales service. We bravely challenge the burden of scientific and technological research and create a better tomorrow! We play a leading role in providing customers with high quality products good service and competitive prices.

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Equipped with productive tungsten rod factory, Xi'an Kefeng Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd is a professional China tungsten rod manufacturer.

KEFENG is a tungsten rods manufacturer, also supply the tungsten nozzle and tungsten crucible as the customer's size, the following is some informations about tungsten rods for your reference:


component: W≥99.95%

density:        19.3g/cc

ringe of size: Dia Ф3mm~Ф400mm

                       L   20mm~1200mm

Applications: tungsten rods have special properties, such as small  coefficient of expansion and large elastic modulus,high melting point , it is widely used in variety fileds,such as aerospace and high temperatures uses, support lines ,lead-in lines,printer needles,electrods, quartz furnaces,high-speed tools,automotive automatic products, heating and welding applications. Our products are widely used in making the heavy metals alloys, medical, heat sinks and high density applications.

Advantages: more than 15 years in manufacturing tungsten products, mature techonology and experienced.

                      short delivery and excellent service

                      competitive  price 

                       variety sizes

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us now.                           


By analyzing the old process and usage of Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod for CNC Toolings, Anti-Seismic Mill Holder, we have formulated a new process, thereby improving product quality and economic benefits. We've been looking for your inquiry. What we provide here is not only a kind of commodity and service, but also a kind of culture, quality and trust.
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