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Why Tungsten Alloy Is More Suitable For Military Application Than Lead

Oct 25, 2019

Tungsten alloy is more suitable for military application than lead

The density of tungsten alloy is better:

Tungsten alloy :16.85-18.85g/cc                                             Lead:11.34g/cc





In the military field, the high density of tungsten alloy makes its performance more stable. Even in the very difficult natural environment and combat environment, tungsten alloy can still maintain its performance, shape, without distortion and effect.

Tungsten alloy has better environmental protection performance:

Tungsten alloy is a kind of green environmental protection metal material,  will not produce toxic substances in the use and production process, which is one of the preconditions for tungsten to be widely used in the military,As one of the three major heavy metal pollutants, lead is a heavy metal element that seriously endangers human health. With the continuous expansion of military industry, the impact of military weapons on the environment should also be taken into account. Lead is of great harm to the environment and human health.