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Tungsten Metal Is Widely Used In Electronic Industry

Sep 01, 2017

Tungsten metal has strong plasticity, low evaporation speed, high melting point and strong electron emission ability, so tungsten and its alloy are widely used in electronics and power industry. For example, tungsten filament with high luminous rate, long service life, it is widely used in the manufacture of various bulb filament, Tungsten Metals such as incandescent lamp, tungsten, etc , tungsten wire can also be used to make electronic oscillation tube of the direct cathode and grid and a variety of electronic instruments in the hot cathode heater. The properties of Tungsten metals make it ideal for TIG welding as well as for other electrode materials similar to the work.

Use of tungsten metals

1. Filament of bulb.

2. Tungsten Steel products are generally used for machining tools, but also as drill bits.

3. Tungsten Carbide products, generally do the ball pen head, for machining tool use, glass knife knife head, Rock concrete drilling drill bit, military tungsten carbide bullet-piercing warhead, etc.

4. Electrode products, such as tungsten electrode argon arc welding tungsten electrodes, Tungsten Metals welding machine tungsten-copper alloy electrode, Xenon lamp electrode, X-ray tube of the tungsten target electrode.

5. Used for dime inert metal powder Uighurs bomb, part of the type of Uighurs bomb doped tungsten powder.

6. Chemical instruments, tungsten crucible, Tungsten Metals tungsten boat such containers.

7. Biotechnology: Tungsten particles used in the process of gene transfection by micro-particle bombardment.

8. Multi-component alloy steel, a small amount of tungsten is beneficial to improve the performance of alloy steel, improve hardness and heat resistance.

9. The composite metal material of the heat-resisting part of the rocket engine is applied at the same time as Tantalum, niobium, rhenium and iridium.

10. Catalysts in chemical reactions are generally tungsten compounds: sodium tungstate is used for the production of certain types of paints and pigments, as well as in the textile industry for cloth aggravation and mixing with ammonium sulfate and ammonium phosphate to produce refractory Bushi and waterproof cloth cloth. Tungsten Metals Also used for tungsten metal, tungsten acid and tungstate manufacturing, as well as dyes, pigments, inks, electroplating and so on. Also used as catalysts. Tungsten acid is a mordant and dye in the textile industry and a catalyst for the preparation of octane gasoline in the chemical industry. Tungsten disulfide is used as a lubricant and catalyst for solid in organic synthesis, as in the preparation of synthetic gasoline. Tungsten oxide can be obtained when treating W-ore, Tungsten Metals then tungsten powder is prepared by hydrogen reduction tungsten trioxide, which is widely used in tungsten and tungsten metallurgical materials.