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Tungsten Metal Has Heat Resistance

Jul 31, 2017

The main purpose of tungsten metal:

1, processing with a knife head, lighting equipment with a variety of tungsten wire and thermal conductivity;

2, manufacturing high-level car crankshaft, cylinder ingredients, casting a variety of special steel ingredients;

3, widely used in firearms, artillery, rockets, satellites, aircraft, ship manufacturing.

4. Lamp filament.

5. Tungsten steel products, generally used for machining the tool, but also as a drill bit.

6. Tungsten carbide products, Tungsten Metals the ball is generally the ball to do the ball, for the use of machining tools, glass knife head, rock concrete drilling with the impact drill bit, military tungsten carbide penetrating warheads and so on.

7. Electrode products, such as tungsten electrodes for tungsten arc welding, tungsten copper alloy electrodes for welding machines, xenon lamp electrodes, Tungsten Metals and tungsten target electrodes for X-ray tubes.

8. For DIME inert metal powder bombing bombs, some models of fried bombs mixed with tungsten powder.

9. Chemical equipment, tungsten crucible, tungsten boat such containers.

10. Biotechnology: Tungsten particles used in microbial bombardment in gene transfection techniques.

11. Multi-component alloy steel, mixed with a small amount of tungsten is conducive to improving the performance of alloy steel, Tungsten Metals improve hardness and heat resistance.

12. Rocket engine heat-resistant part of the composite metal materials, and tantalum, niobium, rhenium, iridium and other materials at the same time.

13. Catalysts in chemical reactions, generally based on tungsten compounds: sodium tungstate used to produce certain types of paints and pigments, Tungsten Metals as well as in the textile industry for the increase in fabric and mixed with ammonium sulfate and ammonium phosphate to produce refractory Cloth and waterproof cloth. Also used for tungsten metal, tungstic acid and tungstate manufacturing and dyes, pigments, inks, electroplating and so on. Also used as a catalyst. Tungstic acid in the textile industry is mordant and dyes and in the chemical industry for the preparation of high-octane gasoline catalyst. Tungsten disulfide is used as a lubricant and catalyst for organic synthesis in organic synthesis, such as in the preparation of synthetic gasoline. Tungsten oxide can be obtained when tungsten oxide is obtained, and tungsten powder is prepared by hydrogen reduction of tungsten trioxide. It is widely used in tungsten and tungsten metallurgical raw materials.