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Tungsten Alloys Have Good Conductive Properties

Aug 11, 2017

The application of tungsten alloys has a wide prospect of development, from sporting goods to offshore oil drilling. It is easier to process than pure tungsten, Tungsten Alloys with tensile strength higher than carbon steel, about twice times as much as brass and cast iron.

Tungsten alloy, tungsten is the first used to make incandescent filament. 1909 American Kuligi (W. D. Coolidge) Tungsten powder, remelting, rotary forging, wire drawing process made of tungsten, tungsten filament production has been rapidly developed. In 1913, Ramirez (I. Langmuir) and Rogers (W.) found that tungsten thorium filaments (also called thorium tungsten wires) were better than pure tungsten wire, Tungsten Alloys and began to use tungsten thorium filaments, which are still widely used today. A tungsten filament (known as doped tungsten or non sag) with excellent SAG resistance was developed in 1922, which is a significant development in tungsten filament research.

Not sagging tungsten is a widely used excellent filament and cathode material. In the past 50-60 years, tungsten base alloys have been extensively explored, hoping to develop tungsten alloys that can work in 1930~2760℃ for the production of high-temperature resistant components used in aerospace industry. The tungsten-rhenium alloy was studied.

The smelting and forming technology of tungsten has also been studied, Tungsten Alloys tungsten ingots were obtained by using arc and electron beam smelting, and some products were made by extrusion and plastic processing, but the grain size of the smelting ingot was coarse, the plasticity was poor, Tungsten Alloys the processing was difficult, and the yield was low, so the smelting-plastic processing technology failed to become the main production means. In addition to chemical vapor deposition (CVD method) and plasma spraying can produce very few products, powder metallurgy is still the main means of manufacturing tungsten products.

Tungsten alloy is a kind of tungsten matrix (W content 85-99%), and the addition of Ni, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr and other elements of the alloy. According to the characteristics of alloy composition and use of W-ni-fe, W-NI-CU, W-co, W-WC-CU, W-ag and other major series, its density is as high as the 5-19.0G/CM3, Tungsten Alloys and is known as a highly specific alloy, it also has a series of excellent characteristics, than the major: the general proportion of the total. 5-18.75g/cm3, high strength: Tensile strength is 700-1000mpa, absorption ray ability is strong: its ability than lead high $number, The thermal conductivity is large: 5 times times of the die steel, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small: only iron or steel 1/2-1/3, good conductive performance, good solderability and processability. Since the high gravity alloy has these excellent functions, it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, military, oil drilling, electrical instrumentation, medicine and other industries.