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Tungsten Alloys Are Widely Used In Aerospace And Other Industries

Oct 31, 2017

Today, tungsten alloys are increasingly becoming raw materials for military products such as bullets, armor and shells, shrapnel heads, grenades, shotguns, bullet warheads, bulletproof cars, armored tanks, artillery parts, guns and so on. One of the main uses of tungsten alloys is kinetic energy armor-piercing, Tungsten Alloys which competes directly with depleted uranium (DU). Army research experiments show that the excellent performance of depleted uranium bombs from the ballistic missile penetration can be partially decomposed. Therefore, Tungsten Alloys some people think that if part of the decomposition into tungsten alloy, these alloys show the permeability will be able to match the depleted uranium (depleted uranium has become an environmental problem).

Tungsten alloy is a kind of tungsten as the matrix (W content of 85-99%), and add Ni, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr and other elements of the alloy. W-Ni-Cu, W-Co, W-WC-Cu, W-Ag and other major series, the density of up to 16.5-19.0g / cm3, while the composition and use of alloy composition It is also known as a high specific gravity alloy, Tungsten Alloys it also has a series of excellent characteristics, than the major: the general proportion of 16.5-18.75g / cm3, high strength: tensile strength of 700-1000Mpa, strong ability to absorb radiation: Lead height of 30-40%, thermal conductivity: 5 times the mold steel; thermal expansion coefficient is small: only iron or steel 1 / 2-1 / 3, good conductivity; with good solderability and processing The In view of the high proportion of the alloy has the above excellent function, Tungsten Alloys it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, military, oil drilling, electrical instrumentation, medicine and other industries.

Tungsten alloy is based on tungsten to join other elements of the alloy. In the metal, the highest melting point of tungsten, high temperature strength and creep resistance and thermal conductivity, Tungsten Alloys conductivity and electron emission performance is good, the major, in addition to a large number of used for the manufacture of cemented carbide and alloy additives, tungsten and its alloys are widely used In the electronics, Tungsten Alloys electric light industry, but also in the space, casting, weapons and other departments for the production of rocket nozzles, die-casting mold, armor-piercing missile, contacts, heating and insulation screen.