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Tungsten Alloy Is A New Military Material In Defense Industry

Jun 23, 2017

Tungsten Alloy is an alloy with other elements added to the base of tungsten. In metals, tungsten has the highest melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance, as well as heat conduction, conductive and electron emission properties. than significant, in addition to a large number of cemented carbide and alloy additives, tungsten and its alloys are widely used in electronics, Tungsten Alloys electric light source industry, but also in the aerospace, foundry, weapons and other sectors used in the production of Rocket nozzles, die-casting molds, armor piercing core, contact, heating and heat insulation screen. The application of tungsten alloy electroplating technology in petroleum machinery industry can not only solve the problem of pollution caused by electroplating chromium, but also improve the performance of various key components of China's petroleum machinery manufacturing industry. Tungsten Alloys The whole petroleum machinery manufacturing industry has brought about the change, promoted the whole upgrading of the industrial chain, especially the anticorrosion and sulfur-resistant oil well arm and the sulfur drill pipe can be applied to the $literal content of more than 150,000 ppm, CL content up to 150 g/L of the extreme corrosive environment, Tungsten Alloys So that our country in the industry to reach the international leading level, to solve the high-end drilling equipment in China rely on foreign imports of equipment status quo.

The content of various components of tungsten alloy standard material, all raw materials using high-purity metal powder, particle size is less than 0.074mm part is not less than 97%, by feeding, mixing, mixing homogeneity test, pressure embryo, sintering, vacuum heat treatment sintered tungsten Alloy bar material, the use of Spectrophotometric method to first check its uniformity and stability. Tungsten Alloys After the linear inspection and production assessment.

The standard material of tungsten alloy has been inspected and evaluated, its uniformity, stability and steady-value reliability meet the technical requirements of first-class standard material, overcomes the phenomenon that using mixed metal powder as standard material is easy to be oxidized and distributed unevenly, which can provide reference for the development of similar standard material.

Tungsten alloy is a kind of tungsten based (tungsten content is generally 800), adding a small amount of Ni, Fe, Cu, CO, MO, CR and other elements of the alloy, its density up to the 20 18.70g CM3, also known as high gravity alloy or high-density alloy. It is divided into two major series: W-ni-fe and W-ni-cu even W-ni-fe, compared to, W-NI-FE alloy has better mechanical properties and in the defense industry and national economy play a huge role in the defense industry is a very important military new materials, Tungsten Alloys and gradually be extended to civil industries.

Tungsten alloys have high density, high strength and hardness (being affectionately 3H alloy) and good ductility, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, such as the synthesis of excellent performance in the weapons manufacturing plays an important role, and then in the defense industry, aerospace and civil industry (such as electrical industries, drilling industry, etc.) in a wide range of applications,Tungsten Alloys  high gravity alloy has become a concern of the dual-use alloy materials.