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Tungsten Alloy Has Good Weldability And Processing Property

Oct 19, 2017

The application of tungsten alloys has a wide prospect of development, from sporting goods to offshore oil drilling. It is easier to process than pure tungsten, Tungsten Alloys with tensile strength higher than carbon steel, about twice times as much as brass and cast iron.

Tungsten alloy is a kind of tungsten matrix (W content 85-99%), and the addition of Ni, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr and other elements of the alloy. According to the composition of the alloy and the use of W-ni-fe, W-NI-CU, W-co, W-WC-CU, W-ag and other major series, the density of up to. 5-19 0g/cm3, which is known as the high gravity alloy, has a series of excellent characteristics, which is more important than the average proportion of 5-18.75g/cm3, high strength: Tensile strength is 700-1000mpa, absorbing ray ability is strong: its ability is higher than lead $number, heat conductivity is big: 5 times times of die steel; thermal expansion coefficient is small: only iron or steel 1/2-1/3, Tungsten Alloys good conductive properties With good weldability and processability. Since the high gravity alloy has these excellent functions, it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, military, oil drilling, electrical instrumentation, medicine and other industries.

Tungsten alloys are widely used in electronics, electric light, aerospace, military, machinery and metallurgy. Alloying of tungsten in order to obtain or improve some properties of tungsten, Tungsten Alloys a certain amount of elements are often added to achieve.

Tungsten alloy is characterized by high hardness, resistance to arc erosion, Tungsten Alloys adhesion and welding ability.