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Tungsten Alloy Has Good Thermal Conductivity

Jul 07, 2017

Tungsten alloy is based on tungsten to join other elements of the alloy. In the metal, the highest melting point of tungsten, high temperature strength and creep resistance and thermal conductivity, conductivity and electron emission performance are good, the proportion of large, in addition to a large number of used for the manufacture of cemented carbide and alloy additives, tungsten and its alloys are widely used In the electronics, electric light industry, but also in the space, casting, weapons and other departments for the production of rocket nozzles, die-casting mold, armor-piercing missile, contacts, heating and insulation screen.

Commonly used tungsten alloy material mainly includes two series: WNiCu alloy, WNiFe alloy, other very tungsten alloy with W-Ni-Cr, W-Ni-Mo, W-Ni-Co and other alloys. Tungsten Alloys The application of these two alloys is wide and attracts people's attention. WNiFe alloys are more widely used due to their better tensile strength and ductility than WNiCu alloys. Followed by WCu, WNiMo, WNiCu. And other tungsten-based tungsten alloy material system, the composition of these tungsten alloy materials, the scope of application is to develop at a rapid rate, Tungsten Alloys such as Japan's WCu alloy production and consumption of 10% annual growth rate.

Tungsten alloy has a series of excellent physical and mechanical properties, mainly in the following nine aspects:

(1) high density - high density tungsten alloy density is generally 6.5-19.0g / cm3, which is equivalent to more than twice the steel density.

(2) high tensile strength - sintered WNiFe high-density alloy tensile strength of 800-1000MPa, hot processing and deformation processing can improve its strength to 1300-1500MPa.

(3) ductile good - WNiFe high-density alloy has a good ductility, Tungsten Alloys the sintered state of the elongation can reach 10% -15% by vacuum or atmosphere dehydrogenation treatment, the elongation can be increased to 20% -30 %.

(4) good ability to absorb radiation - high-density alloy absorption of light than the lead 30% -40%, its stability is better than lead

(5) good electrical properties - WNiCu, Tungsten Alloys WNiFe high-density alloy has good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, high voltage and other electrical properties.

(6) good thermal conductivity and low coefficient of linear expansion - the thermal conductivity of the die steel 5, while the linear expansion coefficient of iron or steel only 1 / 2-1 / 3.

(7) good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

(8) good weldability - high-density alloys can be steel, silver welding materials for brazing, can be plated.

(9) good machining characteristics - because WNiFe high-density alloy with good ductility, can be car, milling, planing, thread and tapping and other machining, but also for rolling, Tungsten Alloys forging and forging processing Large deformation strengthening treatment.

The application of tungsten alloy

1) gyroscope turned to material. The gyroscope is the brain of navigation and control systems for aircraft, satellites, missiles, and spacecraft submarines: the stability of the gyroscope increases as the weight of the rotor increases, using high-density alloys as gyro rotors, Tungsten Alloys Stability and control accuracy greatly improved.

2) inertial rotary elements on aircraft and balanced counterweight components on the engine. Such as "Sibei" engine with the weight components in addition. But also a large number of used for the aileron, steering rudder on both sides of the static and dynamic balance of counterweight and helicopter rotating blade balance weight and so on.

3) In the military industry, mainly used in the following areas:

WNiFe high-density alloys with very high density, strength, plasticity and hardness are a key material in the military industry and are used as a "arrows" in a cluster of rockets, Bombs, bullet bombs, screen bombs, armor-piercing shells, with a great kill power.

4) in the electrical industry and machinery manufacturing applications: high-density tungsten alloy has a good high temperature strength, hardness, conductivity and corrosion resistance, Tungsten Alloys so in the electric processing has a wide range of applications. Such as EDM electrode materials, spot welding materials, mold and milling cutter head, high-end car crankshaft, electronic communications industry in the phone with the oscillator material.