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Tungsten Alloy Has Been Widely Used

Sep 25, 2017

Tungsten alloy through the powder pretreatment technology and large deformation strengthening technology, refined the grain of the material, elongated the grain orientation, in order to improve the strength and penetration of materials and penetrate the power. China's development of the main battle tank 125 Ⅱ type of armor-piercing tungsten core material for the W-Ni-Fe, the use of variable density billet sintering process, Tungsten Alloys the average performance of the tensile strength of 1200 MPa, elongation of 15% or more, combat indicators of 2000 meters Distance breakdown 600 mm thick homogeneous steel armor. At present, Tungsten Alloys tungsten alloy is widely used in the main battle tank large diameter than armor piercing, small and medium caliber air defense armor piercing and ultra-high speed kinetic energy armor-piercing missile core material, which makes a variety of armor-piercing have a more powerful breakdown power.

Tungsten alloy application has a wide range of development prospects, from sporting goods to offshore oil drilling. It is easier to machine than pure tungsten, Tungsten Alloys tensile strength than carbon steel, about twice the brass and cast iron.

Tungsten alloy in the national economy and national defense industry has been widely used. The aerospace and aerospace industries are used for gyroscope rotor, Tungsten Alloys counterweight and balance materials, as well as for guiding devices and shock absorbers;

Alloy Preparation Process Flow The key to the alloy preparation process is the sintering process. Sintering temperature is generally 1400 ~ 1600 ℃, and produce liquid phase, Tungsten Alloys is conducive to the damping of the alloy, sintered alloy can reach more than 99% of the theoretical density.

High density, high strength, good plasticity and machinability, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, excellent absorption of various rays.

Tungsten alloy is a kind of tungsten as the matrix (W content of 85-99%), and add Ni, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr and other elements of the alloy. W-Ni-Cu, W-Co, W-WC-Cu, W-Ag and other major series, the density of up to 16.5-19.0g / cm3, while the composition and use of alloy composition It is also known as a high specific gravity alloy, it also has a series of excellent characteristics, than the major: the general proportion of 16.5-18.75g / cm3, high strength: tensile strength of 700-1000Mpa, strong ability to absorb radiation: Lead height of 30-40%, thermal conductivity: 5 times the mold steel; thermal expansion coefficient is small: only iron or steel 1 / 2-1 / 3, good conductivity; Tungsten Alloys with good solderability and processing The In view of the high proportion of the alloy has the above excellent function, it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, military, oil drilling, electrical instrumentation, Tungsten Alloys medicine and other industries.