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copper And Tungsten Play An Important Role

Oct 10, 2017

Copper and tungsten selected fine high purity tungsten powder, high-purity copper tungsten powder, by static pressure molding, high-temperature sintering, dissolved copper first-class refining process, for cemented carbide tungsten, high carbon, quenching die steel using common copper electrode loss of large, low precision, slow processing shortcomings, Copper Tungsten the use of tungsten steel high conductivity, melting point, The advantages of small thermal expansion are processed by EDM, which greatly improves the machining speed and precision. Copper tungsten not only good conductivity, high softening temperature, and arc corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, long service life, Copper Tungsten correction electrode frequency is low, on the basis of improving production efficiency also saves the cost of processing tools and maintenance costs, so copper-tungsten alloy is an ideal high-grade welding material.

Copper-tungsten is resistant to high temperature and strength, arc ablation, high density, conductive, thermal conductivity is moderate, widely used in high-temperature materials, high-voltage switches, electrical alloy, electrical processing electrodes, microelectronics materials, Copper Tungsten as parts and components are widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries.

Copper Tungsten Application:

Copper-Tungsten is the use of high purity tungsten powder excellent metal properties and high purity powder plasticity, high conductivity, and other advantages, Copper Tungsten by static pressure molding, high-temperature sintering, dissolved copper technology refined from the composite material. Good performance, good conductivity, thermal expansion of small, high temperature does not soften, high-intensity, high-density, high hardness.


1. Resistance welding Electrodes: The advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc ablation, high strength, large proportion, conductive, good thermal conductivity, easy to cutting, and has the characteristics of transpiration cooling, because of the high hardness of tungsten, high melting point, resistance to adhesion characteristics, often used to do a certain wear resistance, Copper Tungsten high-temperature resistance of the convex welding, butt welding electrodes.

2. High voltage discharge tube electrode: High pressure vacuum discharge tube at work, the contact material will increase thousands of degrees Celsius in the time of a seconds, and the corrosion resistance, high toughness, good conductive and thermal conductivity of copper and tungsten provide the necessary conditions for the stable work of the discharge tube.

3, Aerospace high-performance materials

The copper-tungsten material has high density, transpiration cooling performance, high temperature strength and erosion resistance, and so on, it is used as the nozzle throat liner of missiles and rockets in the aerospace industry, the components of the gas rudder, the air rudder, Copper Tungsten the head cover and the counterweight.

Copper-tungsten has high strength, good conductivity thermal performance and low thermal expansion coefficient, so as a new type of electronic packaging materials by electronic engineers, Copper Tungsten is widely used in power electronic devices, such as rectifier, thyristor, power templates, laser diodes, microwave tubes and so on. In microelectronic devices, such as computer CPU, DSP chip. Copper-tungsten plays an important role in the fields of microwave communication, automatic control, power conversion and aerospace. At present, the copper tungsten is mainly used in high-power microwave tubes, high-power laser diode and some large-scale integrated circuit template thermal sink.