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Molybdenum Metal With Wear Resistance

Oct 19, 2017

The thermal conductivity of molybdenum metal is best matched with specific heat, making it a natural choice for resisting shock and thermal fatigue. Its melting point is 2,620 ℃, secondary to tungsten, tantalum, but the density is much lower than the strength of tungsten, Molybdenum Metals tantalum and other metals, Molybdenum Metals in the weight of the critical application is more effective.

The application of molybdenum metal still occupies the most important position in the iron and steel industry. As alloying elements of steel, molybdenum metal can improve the strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and hardenability, weldability and heat resistance of steels. Molybdenum metal is a good form of carbide elements, in the process of steelmaking does not oxidize, Molybdenum Metals can be used alone or with other alloy elements together. The molybdenum consumption of special steels has been increasing regularly, and the consumption of molybdenum metal in special steels has reached 0.201 kg level.

Molybdenum metal molybdenum and chromium, nickel, manganese and silicon can be made of different types of stainless steel, tool steel, high-speed steel and alloy steel. Made of stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, can be used for oil production of corrosion-resistant steel pipe, a molybdenum metal about 6% of stainless steel can also be used to replace titanium for seawater desalination equipment, ocean-going vessels, Molybdenum Metals offshore oil and natural gas mining pipelines. This kind of stainless steel can also be used for car casings, sewage treatment equipment and so on. Molybdenum-containing metal tool steel is twice times more efficient than tungsten tools, with excellent performance, low cost and light weight. Molybdenum metal series High speed steel has the advantages of uneven carbide, abrasion resistance, good toughness and high temperature plasticity, and is suitable for manufacturing molding tools. Molybdenum-containing metal alloy steel can be used to manufacture machine tool structural components, Molybdenum Metals industrial vehicles and bulldozing equipment. Molybdenum-bearing alloy steel with micro pearlite microstructure in rolling condition is an important steel in the construction of railway tracks and bridges.

Molybdenum metal, as an alloy additive of iron, helps to form the matrix of complete pearlite, improves the strength and toughness of cast iron, enhances the uniformity of large castings, Molybdenum Metals and can also improve the quenching property of heat treatment castings. Molybdenum-containing gray cast iron has good abrasion resistance and can be used as brake wheels and brakes for heavy vehicles.

After decades of arduous efforts, China's molybdenum metal mining, smelting and processing technology has made considerable progress, the application and promotion of molybdenum metal has achieved gratifying results, but compared with the world's advanced level, we still feel inadequate. We should make full use of the resources of molybdenum metals in China, from mining, smelting to processing to establish a reasonable production layout, Molybdenum Metals vigorously develop molybdenum products deep processing. The establishment of a high technical literacy production and scientific research team, vigorously promote the application of new equipment, new technologies, strengthen molybdenum metal research and new product development, especially to strengthen the application of molybdenum research, Molybdenum Metals expand market capacity, to focus on scientific research institutes and production enterprises technical force, the establishment of specialized agencies, rapid transformation of scientific results into productive forces, Molybdenum Metals Guide the market consumption, expand foreign trade exports, make our country become a veritable molybdenum metal production power, consumer and export power.