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KEFENG Marks Its 20th Anniversary

Dec 26, 2019

20th anniversary

We are very proud that we have spent 20 years with our customers and staff,  20 years means we have been a leading manufacturer of tungsten heavy alloy products in this field.This anniversary is a celebration of the Firm’s success over the last 20 years,” commented President Mr.Leu YL . “We could not have done it without the trust and loyalty of our clients and associates – we recognize that our success is directly linked to theirs," he said.

As a tungsten alloy product manufacturer, we have the same three characteristics like tungsten alloy :high quality , good service, expertise and rich experience,

In the past 20 years, , we have always deliver our products around the world with our high quality and good service,and solved so many problems for our customers with our expertise and service, improving customer’s satisfaction and staff’s happiness are the most important things we have been doing all the time.

Thanks for the partners and suppliers who have supported us for a long time, In the future, we will still have good hopes to sell our tungsten alloys around the world and offer excellent solutions in tungsten alloy problems .