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Copper Tungsten Is Widely Used In Aerospace And Other Industries

Jul 07, 2017

Copper and tungsten is mainly copper, tungsten elements only a small part, such as Rongchang cast tin bronze, is mainly copper, and then a small part of the tin element.

Copper tungsten current tungsten prices rebounded, mainly due to the previous Ministry of Land and Resources on the rare metal purchasing and storage expected and the requirements of tungsten ore prospecting rights, mining rights policy favorable impact, causing tungsten mine production, stop production, Copper Tungsten and ultimately make the spot market Tungsten products to reduce resources, prices pushed up. However, the price of black tungsten concentrate rebounded straight, only to promote the downstream smelter ammonium secondary ammonium tungsten price rise, for the downstream tungsten iron alloy prices have boosted the limited. This is mainly ammonium arsenate for the middle of smelting products, the price of raw materials on the market a higher degree of sensitivity, Copper Tungsten making its rally and tungsten concentrate is basically the same. For tungsten and iron products, the terminal special steel market by the national steel market downturn, profit contraction, purchase lower prices, leading to tungsten iron manufacturers orders are still deserted, the price is difficult to effectively rebound.

Copper tungsten is generally prepared by copper infiltration and liquid sintering method, but because of tungsten and copper incompatibility of its sintering performance is poor, it is difficult to achieve complete sintering densification, it is difficult to form a uniform microstructure, Copper Tungsten it is difficult to adjust the tungsten copper Composition of composite materials. The addition of Ni, Co, Fe, Pd and other elements can improve the sintering performance of tungsten and copper alloy, and the effect of sintering can be improved by using the ultrafine copper dispersion powder. On the conductance, thermal conductivity have a negative impact). However, it is very important to explore the new preparation technology to obtain more reasonable and better performance of the new tungsten and copper alloy.

Copper tungsten in the liquid phase after the formation of two-phase alloy, Copper Tungsten the density and the theoretical density is similar. Nickel is an indispensable element in liquid phase sintering process, the general content of 0.5% to 12%, if more than 12%, the alloy heat resistance and corrosion resistance will be reduced. Iron content is generally between 0.5% to 8%, if more than 8% of the alloy will increase the brittleness. Iron in the alloy can improve the strength and plasticity, this kind of alloy has a certain magnetic, Copper Tungsten can be used as armor-piercing missile core material, sub-bombs and other high-momentum killer debris, counterweight and other industrial fields. Compared with W-Ni-Cu alloy, the strength and plasticity of the alloy are all better. Alloy Cr element in the alloy as a solid solution to strengthen the added elements, with improved corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance, but also can improve the high temperature strength and hardness of the alloy. The general content of 0.2% to 5%. The hardness of this alloy is very high (HV = 600, and W-Ni-Fe alloy hardness HV = 310). The mechanical properties of the alloy depends on the Cr / Ni ratio, when the ratio is low when the plastic is better, higher hardness; low ratio of high hardness, low tensile strength, almost no plasticity.

Copper conductive thermal conductivity is superior, Copper Tungsten tungsten copper alloy (composition of the general range of WCu7 ~ WCu50) microstructure uniformity, high temperature, high strength, resistance to arc ablation, density; conductive, thermal conductivity is moderate, widely used in military high temperature materials, High voltage switch with electrical alloy, electric processing electrodes, microelectronics materials, as parts and components are widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries. Tungsten copper alloy used in aviation aviation as a missile, rocket engine nozzle, gas rudder, air rudder, nose cone, the main requirement is to require high temperature (3000K ~ 5000K), Copper Tungsten high temperature air erosion ability, the main use of copper at high temperatures Volatile sweat formation (copper melting point of 1083 ℃), reduce the surface temperature of tungsten copper to ensure that the use of high temperature extremes.

Copper and tungsten in the high voltage switch 128kV SF6 circuit breaker WCu / CuCr, and high pressure vacuum load switch (12kV 40.5KV 1000A), arrester is widely used, high pressure vacuum switch small size, easy to maintain, use a wide range, Burning and corrosive environments. It has the advantages of high tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc erosion resistance, high strength, large specific gravity, Copper Tungsten good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, easy cutting, and has the characteristics of sweating and cooling. Adhesive characteristics, often used to do a certain wear resistance, high temperature convex welding, butt welding electrodes.