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Copper Tungsten Is Easy To Cut

Sep 25, 2017

Copper tungsten has a wide range of uses, mainly used to manufacture anti-arc ablation of high-voltage electrical switch contacts and rocket nozzle throat lining, tail rudder and other high-temperature components, also used for electric processing electrodes, high temperature molds and other requirements Conductive thermal conductivity and high temperature use of the occasion.

Copper tungsten selection of fine tungsten, copper powder, refined by the first-soaking sintering process, can withstand nearly 2000 degrees of high temperature and high stress, Copper Tungsten with high melting point, high hardness, anti-burning and good anti-adhesion, corrosion products surface finish High, high precision, low loss.

Copper tungsten is widely used as high pressure, super hydraulic switch and circuit breaker contacts, protection ring, for the electric pier piercing anvil material, Copper Tungsten automatic submerged arc welding Tsui, plasma cutting machine nozzle, welding machine, welding machine welding head , Welding wire, sealing anode and spark electrode, spot welding, welding materials and so on.

Copper tungsten is mainly used in medium pressure vacuum load switch, vacuum contactor vacuum interrupter contact material, which WCu10 products account for about 70% of the national market share. The basic process is: mixed powder - pressing (isostatic or hydraulic) - high temperature vacuum sintering - vacuum infiltration - sampling - machine finished products. The main advantages: With the military national scientific and technological progress second prize tungsten copper project unique infiltration technology to solve the tungsten skeleton is not dense problem, Copper Tungsten compared with the traditional powder metallurgy method, its resistance to welding performance, Copper Tungsten ablation resistance Large increase, widely used as electrical contact materials and electrode materials.

Copper tungsten

1. Resistance welding electrode: the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature, arc erosion, high strength, specific gravity, conductive, good thermal conductivity, easy cutting, and with sweating and cooling characteristics, due to the high tungsten Hardness, high melting point, Copper Tungsten anti-adhesion characteristics, often used to do a certain wear resistance, high temperature convex welding, butt welding electrodes.

2. EDM electrode: for tungsten steel, high temperature hard alloy production of the mold to be eclipse, the common electrode loss, slow. Copper Tungsten And copper tungsten high electrical corrosion rate, low loss rate,

Accurate electrode shape, excellent processing performance, to ensure that the accuracy of the workpiece is greatly improved.

3. High-pressure discharge tube electrode: high-pressure vacuum discharge tube at work, the contact material in the zero seconds of the temperature rise of several thousand degrees Celsius. Copper Tungsten The copper and tungsten high anti-ablation performance, high toughness, good conductivity, thermal conductivity to the stability of the discharge tube to provide the necessary conditions.

4. Electronic packaging materials: both the low expansion characteristics of tungsten, Copper Tungsten but also has the high thermal conductivity of copper, the thermal expansion coefficient and conductive thermal conductivity can be adjusted by adjusting the composition of the material to be changed.