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Copper Tungsten High Temperature

May 25, 2017

Copper tungsten alloy is mainly copper, tungsten element is only a small part, such as Rongchang cast tin bronze, is mainly copper, and then a small part of the tin element.

Is the use of high purity tungsten powder excellent metal properties and high purity copper powder plasticity, high conductivity, etc., by hydrostatic molding, Copper Tungsten high temperature sintering, melting copper process

Refined composite materials. Broken arc performance, good thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, high temperature does not soften, high strength, high density, high hardness.

Copper tungsten use:

1. Resistance welding electrode: the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature, arc erosion, high strength, specific gravity, conductive, Copper Tungsten good thermal conductivity, easy to cut, and with hair

Khan Ling and other characteristics, due to the high hardness of tungsten, high melting point, anti-adhesion characteristics, often used to do a certain wear resistance, high temperature convex welding, butt welding electrodes.

2. High-pressure discharge tube electrode: high-pressure vacuum discharge tube at work, the contact material in the zero a few seconds time temperature rise of several thousand degrees Celsius, and tungsten copper ablation resistance, high toughness, good conductivity, Copper Tungsten thermal The performance provides the necessary conditions for stable operation of the discharge tube.

3, high-performance materials for space use

Tungsten copper material with high density, sweating and cooling performance, high temperature strength and erosion resistance and other properties, Copper Tungsten in the aerospace industry as a missile, rocket nozzle throat, gas rudder components, air rudder, hood and Heavy and so on.

4, vacuum contact material

Contact material must have very good machinability and thermal shock resistance, Copper Tungsten due to contact and breaking when the arc, the contact material in the zero a few seconds time the temperature rise

Advantages: high resistance to ablation, high toughness, good conductivity, thermal conductivity. Machining performance is good.

Is the best metal electrode material. Copper Tungsten Its strength, density, hardness are high, melting point close to 3400 ℃, so in the EDM process, the actual loss of tungsten electrode is very small.

But pure tungsten for the electrode has two difficulties: 1. extremely difficult to process 2. expensive

So the use of copper plasticity, high conductivity, etc., made of composite materials, it became the electrode in the treasures - tungsten copper electrode.

Features: · Good arc breaking performance · Good thermal conductivity · Small thermal expansion · High temperature does not soften

Advanced spark electrode:

For tungsten steel, high carbon steel, hard alloy, quenching die steel using ordinary electrode damage, low precision, slow processing shortcomings, Copper Tungsten the use of tungsten copper high conductivity, high melting point, thermal expansion of small features to improve the processing speed and accuracy.

Cu: W = 30: 70 is the optimum discharge electrode