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Copper-tungsten Has Good Adhesion Resistance

Jul 19, 2017

Cu-W is an alloy composed of tungsten and copper, and the copper content of common alloys is 10%~50%. The alloy is prepared by powder metallurgy method with good conductivity, high temperature strength and certain plasticity. At a very high temperature, such as 3,000 ℃ above, the copper in the alloy is liquefied evaporation, Copper Tungsten a large amount of heat absorption, reduce the surface temperature of the material. So this kind of material is also called metal sweating material.

Copper-tungsten alloys have a wide range of uses, mainly for the manufacture of Arc-ablation high-voltage electrical switch contacts and rocket nozzle throat liner, tail rudder and other high-temperature components, Copper Tungsten also used as electrical processing electrodes, high-temperature molds and other requirements of conductive thermal conductivity and high-temperature use of the occasion.

Tungsten Carbide, copper powder, refined by first-class immersion sintering process, can withstand nearly 2000 degrees of high temperature and high stress, Copper Tungsten with high melting point, high hardness, fire resistance and good adhesion resistance, electrical etching products with high surface finish, high precision, low loss.

Copper-tungsten is widely used as a high pressure, super hydraulic switch and the contact of circuit breakers, protection ring, used for electric heating pier coarse anvil material, automatic submerged arc welding conductive tsui, plasma cutting machine nozzle, welding machine, butt welder welding head, roller welding wheel, Copper Tungsten sealing gas electrode and ignition flower electrode, spot welding, touch welding materials.

Copper-Tungsten classification

Electrical materials

Copper-tungsten alloy electrical materials: mainly divided into electrical contact materials and electrical processing materials.

(1) Electrical contact material. This is the most important category of electrical materials, they have high arc ablation performance and resistance to weld properties, used in various high and low voltage switchgear and some instruments as electrical contacts, electrical contacts and electrodes. Copper Tungsten Electrical contacts are the largest application of copper-tungsten materials, especially copper-tungsten content in $number, the largest applications, mainly used for medium and high voltage and medium and large electric current of the switchgear, such as the protection of the network circuit breaker contacts and other contacts, contact points. Copper-tungsten contacts containing 15%~20%CU can be used on circuit breakers with voltages up to 500,000 V or higher.

(2) Electrical processing materials. Electrode and die materials used in resistance welding, electric riveting, electric upsetting and EDM. EDM requires that electrodes or die materials have good conductivity and arc ablation to ensure machining accuracy, so the use of copper-tungsten materials. Copper Tungsten Resistance welding also uses copper-tungsten materials. Electro-riveting and electric upsetting are also used in some occasions as copper-tungsten materials.

Instantaneous high temperature material

Instantaneous high-temperature material is an important and special copper-tungsten material, can be used in close to the melting point of tungsten and slightly more than the temperature of tungsten melting point, working time is very short, a few seconds to 200 seconds to complete the mission, Copper Tungsten so called instantaneous high-temperature materials. These materials are used primarily for the manufacture of high-temperature components of spacecraft, such as rocket nozzles, gas rudders in the direction of guided missiles, missile end heads (head cones, nose cones) and other components. The corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance are the most important properties of instantaneous high-temperature materials, because the gas temperature of solid fuel is generally up to 2700~3300℃ gas flow contains a large number of solid particles, the nozzle, gas rudder and other components have serious erosion and ablation action, and these components are in a rapid temperature rise (a few seconds up to the working temperature) to work, Copper Tungsten so the components have a fierce thermal shock damage. For the end of the head, when a vehicle flies into space and then enters the atmosphere, it is subjected to high temperature and erosion by intense friction from the cloud of particles as it is fast. Copper-tungsten material is a good material to meet the above requirements.

Copper-tungsten material can be used as a material, that is, a so-called "drug-type cover" material. A cup-shaped or funnel-shaped cover is made of copper-tungsten material (commonly used as a W-30CU material), which is inverted on the front end of the ammunition, and the temperature and pressure of the powder make the hood become jet-piercing. This type of drug cover was first made with copper, and a large number of applications. In order to increase the unit quality of the hood so as to improve the ability of breaking armor, later developed the unit quality than the copper large tungsten-material drug-type hood, in the ideal case, it than the Red copper cover armor to improve the ability of about 30%.

Application of copper and tungsten

1. Electrode material: Apply to the high hardness material and PU chip electrode discharge processing, the electrical processing product surface finish is high, the precision is high, Copper Tungsten the loss is low, saves effectively.

2. Contact Material: high-voltage switch or circuit breaker's arc contact and vacuum contact, PCB welding and electrical contact point.

3. Welding materials: Submerged arc welding machine, gas shielded welder welding Tsui, Radio resistance factory (production of carbon film resistance, metal coating resistance) resistance butt welding material (copper-tungsten alloy welding disc).

4. Guide materials: All kinds of wire rolling, used to guide the protective material.