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Copper-Tungsten Has A Wider Use

Oct 19, 2017

Copper-tungsten is widely used as electrical contact materials for high-voltage electrical appliances and high-voltage switches, electrodes, military materials (such as rocket nozzles, aircraft throat linings) and electronic components of thermal sink substrate materials. Especially in high power vacuum high voltage switch, copper and tungsten show a broad application prospect. With the rapid development of modern industry, Copper Tungsten vacuum electrical appliances to high voltage, large capacity, miniaturization, high-power direction.

Copper-Tungsten has a wide range of uses, mainly for the manufacture of high voltage electrical switch contacts and rocket nozzle throat liner, tail rudder and other high-temperature components, also used as electrical processing electrodes, high-temperature molds and other requirements of conductive heat conduction performance and high-temperature use of the occasion.

Tungsten Carbide, copper powder, Copper Tungsten refined by first-class immersion sintering process, can withstand nearly 2000 degrees of high temperature and high stress, with high melting point, high hardness, fire resistance and good adhesion resistance, electrical etching products with high surface finish, high precision, low loss.

Copper-tungsten is widely used as a high pressure, super hydraulic switch and breaker contact, protection ring, used for electric heating pier coarse anvil material, automatic submerged arc welding conductive tsui, plasma cutting machine nozzle, welding machine, butt welder welding head, roller welding wheel, Copper Tungsten sealing gas electrode and ignition flower electrode, spot welding, touch welding materials.

Copper and tungsten synthesized the advantages of tungsten and copper, in which tungsten melting point (tungsten melting point of 3,410 ℃, copper melting point 1080 ℃), density (tungsten density is 8.34g/cm, copper's density is high, and the conductivity of copper is excellent,

Cu-W (General range of wcu7~wcu50) microstructure is homogeneous, high temperature resistance, high strength, arc ablation, large density, conductive, thermal conductivity is moderate, widely used in military high-temperature materials, high-voltage switches, electrical alloys, electrical processing electrodes, Copper Tungsten microelectronics materials, as parts and components widely used in aerospace, aviation , electronics, electricity, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries.

Copper-tungsten is used as a missile in space aviation, rocket engine nozzle, gas rudder, air rudder, nose cone, the main requirements are to require high temperature (3000k~5000k), high temperature airflow scouring capacity, mainly using copper at high temperature evaporation formation of transpiration refrigeration (copper melting point 1083 ℃), reducing the surface temperature of copper and tungsten, Copper Tungsten It is guaranteed to be used in extreme heat conditions.

Characteristics of copper-tungsten

1. Resistance welding Electrodes: The advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc ablation, high strength, large proportion, conductive, good thermal conductivity, easy to cutting, and has the characteristics of transpiration cooling, because of the high hardness of tungsten, high melting point, resistance to adhesion characteristics, often used to do a certain wear resistance, Copper Tungsten high-temperature resistance of the convex welding, butt welding electrodes.

2. EDM electrode: For tungsten steel, high temperature superhard alloy produced by the mold needs electrical corrosion, the common electrode loss of large, slow. and copper tungsten high corrosion rate, low loss rate,

Accurate electrode shape, excellent processing performance, Copper Tungsten can ensure that the accuracy of the machined parts greatly improved.

3. High voltage discharge tube electrode: High pressure vacuum discharge tube at work, the contact material will increase thousands of degrees Celsius in the time of a seconds. and copper tungsten high corrosion resistance, high toughness, good conductivity, thermal conductivity of the discharge tube stability of the work to provide the necessary conditions.

4. Electronic packaging material: the low expansion of the existing tungsten, Copper Tungsten but also the high thermal conductivity of copper, its thermal expansion coefficient and conductivity can be adjusted by the composition of the material to be changed.