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A Crankshaft Used In The Manufacture Of Advanced Automobiles

Sep 13, 2017

Main uses of tungsten metals:

1, processing vehicle knife head, lighting equipment with tungsten wire and a variety of heat conduction body;

2, the manufacture of high-grade automobile crankshaft, cylinder of the ingredients, casting a variety of special steel ingredients;

3. Widely used in the manufacture of guns, artillery, rockets, satellites, airplanes and warships.

Tungsten metals are mainly used in electrical and electronic equipment. Tungsten Metals Because the melting point of tungsten metal is very high, it is commonly used in aerospace and high-temperature applications such as electronics, heating and welding. Tungsten metals are very hard and very tight, Tungsten Metals so it is ideal to make heavy metal alloys, which are used in armor, heat sinks and high-density applications such as heavy weights, weight balancing, ship and aircraft pressure.

Tungsten metal material is the highest melting point of nature Metals (3410°c), at the same time has high strength, high hardness, low resistivity characteristics. Tungsten metal materials resistant to high temperature, impact resistance, wear resistance, thermal stability, Tungsten Metals to ensure that the device at high temperature stability of the work, is the MEMS device processing and manufacturing of structural materials good choice, especially for high-temperature and other harsh or extreme environment. Traditional tungsten materials use physical or chemical deposition methods to form thin films, but the thickness of thin films is generally no more than 2 microns due to the process limitation and stress, which affects the design and manufacture of the device. Tungsten Metals If the tungsten metal material is used as structural material instead of the traditional monocrystalline silicon material to make MEMS switches, MEMS resonators, MEMS probes, micro-EDM electrodes and other devices, these devices will have more excellent electrical, mechanical and high-temperature resistance characteristics because of the characteristics described above. Tungsten metal is the main material of microelectronic chip test probes, and with the reduction of chip pitch, probes and probe cards also need to be miniaturized with new micro-machining methods, compared with the current single crystal Silicon microprobe (card), tungsten metal material formed by micro-probe (card) with high hardness, low wear rate, low resistance, high reliability. Because of the high density and hardness of tungsten metal materials, Tungsten Metals the etching rate of traditional reactive ion etching process is very low, and the transverse drilling is also larger, it is not possible to achieve large depth and high aspect ratio etching in relatively short time, which can not meet the manufacturing demand of MEMS devices.