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Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNiFe, WNiCu, WCu, Aviloy 1150)

Jul 24, 2018

Basic Info

Type:Tungsten BalanceSize:Customized

Integrating our advantage of equipment and technology by tungsten alloy rods, plates, blanks, Cubes, balls and Fragments, XI'AN KEFENG POWDER METALLURGY CO.,LTD. manufacture and export Tungsten alloy Radiation Shielding, Balance and weight

2.Market and Production Capacity
We have supplied a larg quantity of Tungsten alloy Cubes and balls to  United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese mainland since the year of 2007. Now we have a capacity of producing 5-6tons monthly.
3.Detection ability
XI'AN KEFENG POWDER METALLURGY CO., LTD.has complete equipments for testing physical properties , Here we can test density, hardness, surface roughness, grain size, tensile strength and other parameters of our products. With special equipments we can precisely get the overall dencity of the lage shields or balance.

4. Products

    Tungsten Nickle Iron rods, plates, blanks, disc

     Tungsten Nickle Copper rods, plates, blanks, disc

     Copper Tungsten electrode

     Pure Tungsten

     Pure Molybdenum

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Product Description

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