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The Three Most Commonly Used Forms For Tungsten Alloy

Nov 23, 2019

"W" also named tungsten or wolfram, is a non-ferros metal, refractory metal and a rare metal, with high density ,high meiting point and extremly high hardness.

Tungsten alloys are alloys of other elements added on the basis of tungsten. Among metals, tungsten has the highest melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance, and good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and electron emission performance. It is widely used in addition to tungsten carbide and its alloys. In the electronics and electric light source industries, it is also used in aerospace, casting, weapons and other sectors to make rocket nozzles, die-casting molds, armor-piercing cores, contacts, heating elements and heat shields.

The three most commanly used forms for tungsten alloy are :


Tungsten Nickel Iron alloys is the most common alloy in heavy metals, why tungsten nickel iron alloy is so popular ? there is no doubt that  because of it's density, ductility, and strength are relatively unmatched by virtually any other metal alloy.


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Copper alloys are essential in relation to magnetic permeability. Although the use of copper means lower tensile ductility and strength, it is due to the lack of magnetism that makes it an ideal choice for tumor systems and tasks, shielding electronic sensors and rotating inertial components in guidance systems.


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Tungsten carbide falls between 8.5 and 9 on Moh’s hardness scale, coming in behind diamonds at a solid 10. In addition, tungsten carbide is roughly twice the stiffness and density of steel and halfway between lead and gold. Carbide is formed during a chemical reaction between tungsten metal powder and carbon powder. Carbide inserts can perform like unalloyed tungsten and are extremely resistant to chemical corrosions and attacks. Tungsten carbide is also the most important tungsten compound and is used in 60% of all tungsten consumption jobs.



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