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What's the application of Tungsten Heavy alloy products?

May 10, 2019

The alloy components nickel, iron, molybdenum, cobalt and copper make pure tungsten stronger and ensure that the material is 100 % impermeable. In addition, our tungsten-heavy metal alloys are significantly more ductile and easier to machine than pure tungsten. Why? The secret lies in the production process. We use liquid phase sintering to manufacture our heavy metal alloys.

When used as balancing weights and vibration dampers in motors and drive components, our Tungsten Heavy Metal Alloys have to withstand extreme stresses. Our tungsten-nickel-iron alloyis used in collimator and shielding components to provide protection against X-ray and gamma radiation. A product manufactured from tungsten, nickel and copper, is distinctive due to its non-magnetic behavior. This material is used in the watch industry. Among other things, we use our exceptionally strong alloy, which consists of tungsten, nickel, iron.and cobalt, to produce exceptionally load-resistant crankshafts for cars.

We produce a variety of tungsten heavy metal alloys based on the combinations: tungsten-nickel-iron, tungsten-nickel-cobalt and tungsten-nickel-copper. In all these materials, we take full advantage of tungsten's high density, its outstanding mechanical damping capabilities and its great ability to absorb X-ray and gamma radiation.

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