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High quality Tungsten alloy manufacturer

Aug 28, 2019

Precision-made tungsten parts and high-density tungsten alloys are used in a variety of applications, from multi-leaf collimators and medical isotope production, transport and containment to radiation shielding materials, syringe shields, lead shielding replacement parts, and oncology treatment systems and instruments

· Multileaf collimators

· Medical isotope transport and containment

· Radiation shielding materials

· Radioactive source containers

· Syringe shields

· Lead shielding replacement

· Radiotherapy machines

· Computer tomography scanners

· Refractory tungsten metals and alloys

· Tungsten alloys for shielding

· CT scanners

· CT and X-Ray security machines

· IMRT – Intensity modulated radiation therapy

· Oncology treatment systems

· Oncology instruments

· Tungsten alloy mobile shielding

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