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99.95% Pure Cold Rolled Molybdenum Sheets 0.1 Thickness

Sep 07, 2016

Product Description

99.95% Pure molybdenum sheets,0.1mm thickness

Molybdenum sheets from 0.005 inches to 0.150 inches in thickness is classified as

molybdenum refractory sheet. It is used for fabrication of sintering boats, high

temperature furnace heating elements and heat shields.

Molybdenum plates from 0.187 inches to 3 inches in thickness is classified as

molybdenum refractory plate. It is widely used in the construction of furnace tooling

and parts and as a feed stock for the fabrication of parts for the electronics and

semiconductor industries,






Width: 20-600mm 
Length: Less than 2000mm

Grade:Mo1, TZM, Mo-La


Surface:Hot rolls, bright, ground



high melting point(2610C), high strength,

high level of thermal conductivity,

a low coefficient of thermal expansion,

excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures,

excellent resistance to electrochemical corrosion,